Spinal InjectionsWhile most people are aware of the typical lifestyle changes, medications, and surgeries available to neck pain sufferers, spinal injections often go unmentioned. While they are not effective for everyone, they have certainly proven useful in a variety of situations.

What are Spinal Injections?

Spinal injections usually consist of a local anestheticand corticosteroid. The injection is typically administered at the site of inflammation and is designed to reduce swelling, improve mobility, and relieve pain and stiffness. Injections sometimes work immediately, but their full benefits may not be enjoyed until hours later.

Effectiveness of Spinal Injections

Spinal injections have been used over a long period of time, meaning the results, side effects, and complications are well documented. Injections are less invasive than surgical alternatives, but can sometimes provide similar benefits.

Recovery from Spinal Injections

Recovery times vary for spinal injections. While many people are able to return to normal activities within hours, others require a couple of days to regain full mobility. Much depends on the individual patient’s strength and health.

Cervical Disc Replacement Surgery

When injections don’t seem to provide relief, discuss surgical alternatives with a medical specialist. For neck pain related to degenerative discs, cervical disc replacement is one effective solution.