Neck Pain ManagementIf chronic neck pain seems to have a grip on the quality of your life, you probably can’t stop thinking about pain management and potential solutions. For many, it becomes an unhealthy obsession and fear. When dealing with your neck pain, it is important to take a step back, look at the reality of the situation, and proceed in a realistic manner.

Consider the following pain management options for chronic neck pain:

  • Lifestyle Changes. Have you considered that your pain could stem from an unhealthy lifestyle behavior? Relief from pain often requires simple changes in the way you live. Try improving posture, eating healthier, or quitting smoking.
  • Exercise. Do you get enough exercise on a daily basis? Exercise helps reduce inflammation, increase mobility, and releases pain-numbing endorphins.
  • Medication. Whether it’s prescription strength or over-the-counter, medication can help minimize pain and reduce inflammation.
  • Injections. In some cases, injections are able to numb pain, reduce swelling, and promote healing.
  • Surgery. If non-invasive pain management options don’t work, your doctor may suggest neck surgery as an alternative. One such surgery is cervical disc replacement. Discuss the advantages, disadvantages, and alternatives of cervical disc replacement with your medical specialist to determine if it’s right for you.