MedicationSurgery is often an effective treatment solution for chronic neck pain, but is usually considered the last option. While there are plenty of safe, minimally-invasive surgeries available, each has its own inherent risks. Medication, while not always safe in its own right, is sometimes preferred over surgery.

Over-the-Counter Medication for Neck Pain

The best case scenario for pain is that over-the-counter drugs help. This usually signals that the underlying cause is not a serious issue. Whether the pain is sharp and centralized or dull and spread out, NSAIDs like Motrin and Advil can be helpful.

Prescription Medication for Neck Pain

When standard medication doesn’t work, doctors will usually opt for prescription drugs. These include corticosteroids, prescription strength NSAIDS, and opioids. The latter are usually administered with caution, as they have been known to cause dependence.

If any combination of these drugs works, surgery is usually avoidable. While drugs are not a long-term solution, they can provide relief while the neck finds a way to heal itself. Surgery may be another option if medication and other lifestyle changes fail to provide relief.

Cervical Disc Replacement Surgery

For those suffering from pain related to damaged cervical discs, a replacement surgery can provide the relief required. Before choosing surgery, patients should discuss all options and alternatives with a medical specialist.