Cervical Disc ReplacementIf you suffer from neck pain and your doctor believes cervical disc replacement could be the answer you are looking for, make sure you understand all of the facts before proceeding. Surgery always poses the risk of complications, and you should not make a decision without careful consideration. If you do choose to go with cervical disc replacement, you may find significant relief from your neck pain. To get the most out of disc replacement, follow all instructions regarding exercise and activity after surgery.

What to Expect After Cervical Disc Replacement

While cervical disc replacement is safe and effective, it does require attention to detail after the procedure. Your doctor will give you advice on what you can and cannot do, so make certain to listen carefully. Pain following an operation is normal, and you may need to continue wearing your neck support during recovery. After a few days, you will begin gradually returning to normal activities. You should be able to start an exercise therapy regimen a few weeks following your procedure.

Exercise after surgery should be cautious and careful. You don’t want to risk overextending yourself and should focus on light stretches. For more information, discuss specific exercises with your doctor.