Neck PainUnfortunately for those suffering from neck pain, the solution is not always as easy as taking an aspirin. Many times it requires a more in-depth analysis and study of the underlying cause. In some cases, medication or changes to lifestyle may be enough. In others, injections or surgeries may be needed. One such surgery is cervical disc replacement.

About Cervical Disc Replacement

Your cervical spine consists of seven unique bones – called cervical vertebrae – stacked on top of each other. The discs are the cushions that lie between the vertebrae. They serve as shock absorbers and allow you to move your neck freely.

When one of your discs becomes damaged, you begin to experience painful symptoms. These pain signals are sent out through the spinal nerves, which supply your upper body with movement and feeling. As such, any damage to these discs can cause significant pain to large portions of your upper body.

Reasons for Cervical Disc Replacement

Cervical discs actually begin to deteriorate and collapse with age. Some people experience more symptoms than others, including neck pain, neck stiffness, headaches, radiating pain down the shoulders and arms, weakness of the shoulders and arms, and a “pins and needles” numbness sensation.

To learn more about cervical disc replacement, talk with your doctor today.