Cervical Disc Replacement for Pain Relief

Before considering surgery, you should exhaust your other options. These include lifestyle changes, exercise, diet, and medication. A combination of these may be most effective to provide relief. For example, if you have a habit of whipping your head around quickly, you may find significant improvement by learning to slowly rotate. Simple range of motion exercises may be useful in loosening tight muscles when a constant stiff neck is the issue. Medication can provide relief in the form of pain-blocking NSAIDs for chronic neck pain. If nothing else seems to work, your doctor may have you look into the possibility of surgery. For neck pain, neck stiffness, headaches, pain traveling down the arms, weakness in the extremities, or any combination of these symptoms, cervical disc replacement surgery may be an option. Before proceeding with any surgery, it is best to ask your doctor about the advantages, disadvantages, and any alternatives. Surgery should only be pursued as a substitute to non-invasive treatment options.

  • Opting for Medication over Surgery

Opting for Medication over Surgery

Surgery is often an effective treatment solution for chronic neck pain, but is usually considered the last option. While there are plenty of safe, minimally-invasive surgeries available, each has its own inherent risks. Medication, […]

  • Spinal Injections: A Precursor to Cervical Disc Replacement

Spinal Injections: A Precursor to Cervical Disc Replacement

While most people are aware of the typical lifestyle changes, medications, and surgeries available to neck pain sufferers, spinal injections often go unmentioned. While they are not effective for everyone, they have certainly proven […]

  • About Cervical Disc Replacement Surgery

About Cervical Disc Replacement Surgery

What the neck has in flexibility and movement, it lacks in stability and protection. Over time, your neck can become susceptible to pain and discomfort. While you may be able to cope with these […]

  • Pain Management for Neck Pain

Pain Management for Neck Pain

If chronic neck pain seems to have a grip on the quality of your life, you probably can’t stop thinking about pain management and potential solutions. For many, it becomes an unhealthy obsession and […]

  • Cervical Disc Replacement for Pain Relief

Cervical Disc Replacement for Pain Relief

Few things are more painful, agitating, and debilitating than neck pain. Everywhere you move and everything you do seems to cause pain. The good news for sufferers is that there are treatment options available.

Non-Surgical […]

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